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Giuliano Zippo "ZIPPO" Singer.
Zippo is founder and Singer of Crisalide
since 1994.



Growl and Screaming.


Microphone Shure Mod. SM58

Transmitter Shure Mod. PSM300

Earphones Shure Mod. SE215

Guitar Washburn - Series. Parallaxe Mod. PXZ200B (Endorser).

Guitar Washburn - Series. Acoustic Dreadnought (Limited Edition) Guitar (Endorser).

Guitar Esp/Ltd Mod. Explorer Chrome Diamond Plated Steel "James Hetfield" (Black).

Guitar Jackson King V (Black).

Guitar Yamaha Classic.


Head: Randall - Series. Diavlo Mod. RD100H (Endorser).

Cass: Randall - Series. Diavlo Mod. RD412D (Endorser).

Amplifier Guitar Randall V2 Ninjia Signature "Michael Amott".

Head and Cass: Marshall Mod. Megastack MG15FXMSDM - Signature "Dave Mustaine".

Pedal Power: Eagle - Mod. Professional Micro FeedFX Silent Power 8 Outputs

Pedal Effect: ModTone - Series. Extreme Metal Mod. MT-EM (Endorser).

Pedal Effect: ModTone - Series. Clean Boost Mod. MT-CB (Endorser).

Pedal Effect: ModTone - Series. Vintage Wah Mod. MT-WAH (Endorser).

Pedal Dunlop Mod. Dime Cry Baby From Hell Signature "Dime Darrel". 

Pedal Dunlop Mod. Cry Baby Wah Wah GCB95

Pedal Digitech Mod. The Drop 

Pedal Mxr Mod. Dime Distortion DD-11 Signature "Dime Darrel".

Pedal Digitech Mod. Death Metal

Pedal Digitech Mod. Grunge

Pedal Boss Mod. Distortion DS-1

Pedal Boss Mod. NS-2 Noise Suppressor

Pedal Boss Mod. TU-3 Chromatic Tuner

Strings: Curt Mangan - Series. 10-46 Mod. Pure Nickel (Endorser)
for Guitar Washburn - Series. Parallaxe Mod. PXZ200B.

Strings: Curt Mangan - Series. 10-46 Mod. Nickelwound (Endorser)
for Guitar Washburn - Series. Parallaxe Mod. PXZ200B.

Rock Case Pedal Effect Warwick Mod. RC 23010SA

Shoulders: Perri's Leather Ltd (Endorser).

Coffin Case Mod. BB120 Bag Black

Jackson Gig Bag Black

Strings Elixir 12052 Nanoweb Light 10/46 (for Guitar Esp/Ltd Explorer)

Strings Ernie Ball 2221 Regular Slinky 10/46 (for Guitar Jackson King V)

Strings D'Addario Classic Nylon

Picks Esp 1.0 mm

Yamaha Mixer Mod. MG166CX USB 10Mic+4Aux

Audio Speakers Proel Mod. NEXT 8 FEXT 8FBA.

Headphones Sennheiser Mod. HD203

STUDIES: Current student of guitarist "Killer" Andrea Martongelli.

BEST FOOD: Spaghetti allo Scoglio.

BEST DRINK: Sambuca con 4 Mosche.

BEST BOOK: Les Fleurs Du Mal - Charles Baudelaire.

BEST MOVIE: Friday the 13th.

BEST TV SHOW: Adam Kadmon, Rock Tv.

BEST RADIO: Materiale Resistente, Black Night Radio, Notturno Metal, Onda Metal, Rock On.

5 BANDS: Soul Fly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Nailbomb, Sepultura, Crisalide.

TOP 5 ALBUMS: Chaos A.D. (Sepultura), Kill 'Em All (Metallica), Reign in Blood (Slayer),

Screem Bloody Gore (Death), Carcass (Heartwork).


SPORT: Soccer and Sex.

HOBBIES: Movies and Music.

MEMORABLE CONCERT: Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Big 4 Milano “Rho” Italy 6 Luglio 2011.

MEMORABLE CONCERT CRISALIDE: The Crisalide open for Pino Scotto in front of 5000 people. Having played with Nightrage of "Jesper Strömblad former founding ex guitarist of In Flames". They play with one of the bands most famous international metal scene, the M-pire Of Evil with the "ex Venom Mantas & Tony Dolan"


CRAZY STAFF: A few minutes by the exhibition during a live, we found our bassist drunk that warmed under the machine on.

INSPIRATIONS: Max Cavalera, James Hetfield.

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